Other Fun Photos

Here are a few other interesting Lamborghini photos.

Watercolors by Paul Trozzo

These watercolor paintings were done by Paul Trozzo of Ontario, Canada. I bought the red SV on eBay in February 03, had it framed, and sent Paul a photo expressing my appreciation and a link to this site. After visiting the site, Paul offered to do a watercolor based on my car. I was delighted to get the second Trozzo watercolor, which I am now using for my "home" button in the upper left. If you'd like a copy of either painting, contact Paul at idrawcars@hotmail.com.

Click to enlarge.

Tom's Desk

Many years ago, a friend gave me these pictures of his desk. He bought a wrecked car (rumored to be 3547, engine 2022), removed the engine and sold the car. The engine was cosmetically detailed, but not opened. Special trumpets were made so the heavy glass desk would clear the highest part of the engine.

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Tom sold the desk, and it appeared for sale on eBay in June 2005, asking price of $30,000. Tom also sold his beautiful white SV, which eventually found its way to Joe Sackey. It is the last US SV, and has been meticulously restored by Bobileff. It is now a stunning lime green with a blue interior. (I know it sounds bad, but you have to see it!)

Factory Literature

Here is some factory literature on the Miura. Click image to enlarge.

Tonino Lamborghini Keyrings

While I was in Italy in 1988, I saw these three keyrings in a shop in Venice. The storekeeper said they were too expensive and no one was interested in them. I think she sold me all three for about $20.

Miura Badges

Here are the badges from my Miura, stuck in a piece of cardboard. They've been on a bookshelf for years. I can't wait to put them on the car. I scanned the "Lamborghini" and "Miura" badges for the home page of my web site. And they've been snatched by others for their web site.

8/31/03 - I picked up the "S" from Chris Obert (FIAT Plus) while I was at the Concourso Italian this year. If only converting the car to an S were as simple as sticking this letter on the back.