These are Lamborghini books from my library of car books, and I believe these are almost all of Lamborghini books published in English (with a few exceptions I'll remedy). They are ordered by publishing date, earliest first. You can enlarge each book by clicking on the cover.

History of Lamborghini

By Rob de la Rive Box and Richard Crump, 1974
ISBN 0 85184010 8
169 pages, all black & white photos. This is the first book on Lamborghini. Although titled "History of" only the first 23 page of the book discuss any history. The rest of the book is a catalog of cars with a few photos of each and a paragraph of notes. It covers from the first 1963 GTV through the 1974 Bravo, with a mention (but no photos) of the 400GTSZ (also called the 400 GTZ or 400GT Zagato). While not very informative, it's a great book for the collector.

Lamborghini Cars, 1964-1970 & 1970-1975

By Brooklands Books, 1975?
ISBN 0-906-589-746 and 0-906-589-959
100 pages each, paperback, black & white photos. These books are collections of road tests and articles from many car magazines.


By Jean Marc Borel
Lamborghini, 1981
ISBN 2-903652-00-7
172 pages, published by the factory, black & white and color photos with one foldout page of a Silhouette.

Lamborghini Countach
LP500, LP400, Countach & S; V12 mid-engine

By Jean-Francois Marchet & Peter Coltrin
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1981
ISBN 0-85045-390-9
135 pages, black & white photos, 8 color pages.

Lamborghini Countach, 1971-1982

By Brooklands Books, 1982?
ISBN 0-907-073-646
72 pages, paperback, black & white photos. Another collection of magazine articles.

Lamborghini Miura
The definitive analysis of Lamborghini's first sensational V12 supercar

By Peter Coltrin and Jean-Francois Marchet
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1982
ISBN 0-85045-469-7
184 pages, lots of photos, 8 color pages.

The Lamborghinis
From 350 GT To Jalpa

By Chris Harvey
Motor Racing Publications Ltd, 1982
ISBN 0-900549-69-6
128 pages, many black & white photos.

Illustrated Lamborghini Buyer's Guide

By Rob de la Rive Box
Motorbooks International, 1983
ISBN 0-87938-173-6
158 pages, black & white photos on most pages.

The cars from Sant' Agata Bolognese

By Rob de la Rive Box and Richard Crump
Osprey/Motorbooks International, 1983
ISBN 0-85045-408-5
213 pages, black & white photos on most pages, 8 color pages.

Lamborghini Urraco & The V8s
Urraco, Bravo, Silhouette, Athon, Jalpa

By Jean-Francois Marchet
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1983
ISBN 09-85045-503-0
135 pages, black & white photos, 8 color pages.

World Supercars 2:
Lamborghini Countach LP400, LP500S

By Jeremy Coulter
Arco Publishing Inc, 1985
ISBN 0-668-05978-8
87 pages, mostly color photos of the same white car.

Supreme Amongst Exotics

By Andrew Morland
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1985
ISBN 0-85045-654-1
120 pages, many color photos.

Lamborghini Espada & The 4-Seaters
350GT, 400GT, Islero, Jarama, Marzal, Espada

By Jean-Francois Marchet
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1985
ISBN 0-85045-592-8
135 pages, black & white photos, 8 color pages.

Lamborghini Countach
The Ultimate Supercar

By Consumer Guide Magazine, Oct 1986
ISBN none
64 pages, paperback, color photos. Consumer Guide published a magazine on Lamborghini in 1986, 1987, and 1988. In 1988 they assembled the individual issues and more material into a book. (See next three books.)

Legendary Lamborghinis
From the 350GT to the Countach

By Consumer Guide Magazine, Oct 1987
ISBN none
64 pages, paperback, color photos. Another magazine leading up to the book.

Lamborghini Illustrated

By Consumer Guide Magazine, Oct 1988
ISBN none
64 pages, paperback, color photos. The last magazine, published the same year as the book.

The Complete Book of Lamborghini

By Pete Lyons and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide,
Beekman House, 1988
ISBN 0-517-66715-4
320 pages, many color photos. This is a fantastic book. It is more that just a compliation of the three previous magazines - it stands on its own as a thorough reference book. It sold for about $15 when it was published.

Lamborghini Miura

By Stefano Pasini
Automobilia, 1988
ISBN 88-85058-95-7
84 pages, color photos, many shots of the cover S in a quary. I bought this book at the factory in 1988 at the 25th anniversary celebration. It is autographed by Pasini, Bertone, and The Man, Lamborghini!

Special Series

By various contributors
Road & Track Magazine, 1988
ISBN none
112 pages, paperback (magazine), color. Reprints from R&T articles.

Lamborghini Review
Issue 1

Published by the factory, Stefano Pasini editor, May 15, 1988
ISSN 0394-7122 (all issues had the same ISSN)

115 pages. The factory published five issues of this hardback book/magazine from 1988 to 1990. The original plan was to have three issues a year (noted in this first issue), however the remaining issues said twice a year. They actually came out about once a year. 2000 copies of each issue were printed and numbered. They were very nicely done with many color and black & white photos, and unusual fold-outs. They also carried advertisements, like a magazine.

Lamborghini Review
Issue 2

Published by the factory, Stefano Pasini editor, Nov 30, 1988
ISSN 0394-7122 (all issues had the same ISSN)

141 pages.

Lamborghini Review
Issue 3

Published by the factory, Stefano Pasini editor, April 30, 1989
ISSN 0394-7122 (all issues had the same ISSN)

119 pages.

Lamborghini Countach

By Brian Laban, 1989
ISBN 0-792-45175-9
64 pages, mostly focused on the Anniversary Countach.

Lamborghini Review
Issue 4

Published by the factory, Stefano Pasini editor, April 15, 1990
ISSN 0394-7122 (all issues had the same ISSN)

119 pages.

Lamborghini Countach
The Complete Story

By Peter Dron
Crowood Press, 1990
ISBN 1-85223-361-3
192 pages, lots of beautiful color photos.

Lamborghini Review
Issue 5

Published by the factory, Stefano Pasini editor, November 1991
ISSN 0394-7122 (all issues had the same ISSN)

106 pages. The last issue of the magazine.

Famous Car Factories

By Stefano Pasini
Motorbooks International, 1991
ISBN 0-87938-557-X
124 pages, many beautiful color photos.


The Auto Editors of Consumer Guide,
Publications International, Ltd, 1991
ISBN 0-88176-931-2
256 pages, many color photos. This is a second edition of the previous book, with more photos and material in a larger format.

Lamborghini 1992 Yearbook

By Lamborghini Factory, 1992
ISBN none
80 pages, paperback, many high-gloss color photos.

La Fucina Del Toro
Lamborghini, umoini macchine saperi

By Fabio Foresti and Daniela Facchinato
Cappelli Editore, 1993
ISBN none
179 pages, Italian and English text, all black & white photos, many factory photos.

The Spirit of the Bull

By Paul W. Cockerham
Todtri Productions Limited, 1996,
Tiger Books International, 1997
ISBN 1-85501-961-2
80 pages, 90 full-color photos.

The Legend

By Daivd Hodges
Smithmark Publishers, 1998
ISBN 0-7651-0846-1
80 pages, a few pages devoted to each model and many of the show cars, plus some boat and racing info.

automobili Lamborghini
Catalogue Raisonne, 1963 - 1998

By Stefano Pasini
Automobilia, 1998
ISBN 88-7960-017-6
272 pages, all black & white photos except for 10 color prints. Wonderful history. Text in Italian, English, and French. This picture shows the deep blue dust jacket, but the book comes in a bright red box with the exact same design.

Forty Years

By Daivd Jolliffe and Tony Willard
Motorbooks International, 2004
ISBN 0-7603-1945-6
191 pages, interesting history of the factory.

1964 - 2004

Brooklands Books, 2004
ISBN 1-85520-6498
456 pages. This is a collection of magazine articles (as many Brooklands books are) from (in alphabetical order) Auto International, Autocar, Automobile Magazine, Autosport, Car, Car and Driver, Car South Africa, Classic & Sports Car, Classic Cars, EVO, Fast Lane, Modern Motor, Motor, Motor Manual, Motor Sport, Motor Trend, Overlander, Performance Car, Road & Track, Road Test, Sporting Motorist, Sports Car Graphic, Sports Car Monthly, Sports Car World, Top Gear, and What Car?. I marvel at the licensing that must be needed to get so many magazines to agree to have their articles reproduced in one book. Some magazine reprint collections are poor-quality scans of the original, but this book appears to be very well done. All the articles are very legible and the photos (black & white and color) look very good.

Supercars From Sant'Agata

By Anthony Pritchard
Haynes Classic Makes Series, 2005
ISBN 1 84425 094 6
168 pages.

Lamborghini Miura Coutach Diablo Murcielago
A celebration of an Italian legend

By Richard Dredge
Haynes Publishing, July, 2007
ISBN 978 1 84425 300 5
159 pages. Lots of color photos; some from earlier sources that are in other books, but most are new. It includes the 2006 Miura recreation, kit cars, and mentions related autos such as the Vector, Cizeta, adn Pregunta. I like that chapter includes a collection of magazine covers for each of the models. Overall a very nice book.

The Lamborghini Miura Bible

By Joe Sackey
Veloce Publishing, November, 2008
ISBN 978-1-84584-196-6
268 pages. Many color and some black & white photos. Although the title is somewhat presumptuous, this is actually an excellent book. There are a couple of things that make this book unique among Lamborghini books. First, Sackey is not only a huge Miura enthusiast and evangelist, but has also owned and restored several Miura SVs, so his writing is based not just on great research (which he’s obviously done) but experience in ownership and restorations. Second, he has taken a lot of effort to find period photos that haven’t been published before. Most Lamborghini books recycle many of the period photos, but this book only reuses a few. It includes a serial number listing, which is more accurate than the one in the Coltrin book, but Sackey doesn’t list which cars were reissued (like my car), nor which numbers were P400s, S’s, and SVs, or total production counts (although it does list counts for the SV). Perhaps this is a very difficult goal given poor factory records and cars being changed over the years. I’d like to see more descriptions of P400 and S cars. Joe has owned SVs and the book seems biased toward that variant. Overall, a great book and a “must have” for Miura fans. Joe has a section on restoration that features Bobileff Motors, and my car is in a photo on page 199 (behind the yellow tail section)!

The Book of the Lamborghini Urraco

By Arnstein Landsem
Veloce Publishing, December, 2010
ISBN 978-1-845842-86-4
208 pages. Many color and some black & white photos. This is a great book dedicated to the V-8 Lamborghinis, and mostly the Urraco. I haven't read it all yet, so I'll add some notes later. I'm very excited to get this book.